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Spiele Apps: Verschiedene Genres Im Гњberblick - CNTO China Like Never Before

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China National Traditional Orchestra: Rediscover Chinese Music 2015

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Additionally, all lyric lines must begin with a capital letter. There should be no periods or commas at the end of any lyric line.

Exclamation points, question marks, and quotation marks should be the only end-line punctuation and should be included as needed.

Parentheses background vocals should be wrapped in parentheses at the end of a line, with the first letter capitalized.

Non-word vocals should be transcribed sparingly and only if they add to the content of the song, either narratively or stylistically.

Do not include computer-generated sound effects in lyrics door slamming, car horn, phone ringing, etc. In clean lyrics, dropped and edited content should be represented with asterisks.

Time sync should be applied to the exact audio version you are providing to Apple Music. Different versions of the same songs will have different time sync.

To learn more about the spec, see TTML File Format. Primary Artists at the Album Level. The main artists highlighted for western classical music should be marked as Primary at the album level.

For example, for a recording of:. Beethoven symphonies performed by a single orchestra and conductor, mark both the orchestra and conductor as Primary.

Beethoven symphonies performed by several orchestras but with the same conductor, mark only the conductor as Primary. Beethoven symphonies performed by several orchestras and several conductors, mark Various Artists as Primary.

Concertos performed by the same orchestra and conductor but featuring several soloists, mark the orchestra and the conductor as Primary.

A collection of Schubert Art Songs Lieder performed by several vocalists and pianists, mark Various Artists as Primary.

A complete opera, mark the principal vocal soloists, the orchestra, and the conductor all as Primary. For example, for the opera Falstaff mark the principal baritone soloist, the orchestra, and the conductor as Primary.

For the opera Tosca, mark the principal soprano, tenor, and baritone soloists, along with the orchestra and the conductor, as Primary.

Primary Artists at the Track Level. All artists performing on a track must be marked as Primary. Do not enter Various Artists as an artist name at the track level.

For example, if a track features:. An orchestra but a prominent solo appears during the track, mark the orchestra, the soloists, and the conductor all as Primary.

A choir accompanied by piano or orchestra, mark the choir, the accompanists or orchestra, and the conductor all as Primary.

Only use Unknown Artist at the track level and with the Performer role. Do not mark Unknown Artist as Primary.

Use of Composer Role. At least one composer should be provided at the track level and all composers that appear on the album must be listed at the album level.

If there are five or more composers listed on the album, the album-level composer should be Various Composers.

Composer as Primary. Composers may never be marked as Primary unless they are also performing as the soloist, accompanist, or conductor.

Composer for Ringtones. Ringtones of classical music must include the composer in the title. Standard nicknames for classical pieces are accepted.

Album Formatting. The album title should include the composers, followed by a colon, followed by the work titles, catalog numbers, or type of works such as Sonatas or Preludes.

If an album has an exact release title, such as The Most Beloved Classical Masterworks, that title may be used. Key Information. For information on accepted casing and spelling of keys, see Table 2: Classical Keys.

Classical Abbreviations. For accepted abbreviations of classical works, see Table 1: Standard Classical Abbreviations. Track Formatting.

Track titles must be complete, correctly formatted, and consistent. If a track features a movement or selection from a larger work like a symphony or concerto, begin the track title with the name of the larger work.

This applies even if a track contains a portion of a movement, selection, or excerpt. If a work has an assigned catalog number, include the catalog number in the title.

Catalog numbers can be found through the International Music Score Library Project. For a piece with up to 20 movement or section numbers, you can use Roman numerals, such as XIV or XX.

If a piece contains 21 or more movements or sections, use Arabic numerals in the form No. Use colons to separate the title of a work from the title of a movement or selection, for example:.

Opera Formatting. The track title for a selection from an opera should be consistent and start with the name of the opera, followed by a colon, followed by the selection title.

For recordings of a complete opera, include act and scene information after the opera title but before the colon and selection title. One-act operas which are through-composed are excluded from this rule.

If an album of opera selections includes character information for one title, the information should be included for all other titles. Classical Crossover Formatting.

Track titles for Classical Crossover genre content can start with the selection, movement, or popular title of a work. Major work titles and catalog numbers must still be included but may be presented at the end of the title within parentheses.

Only use this relaxed formatting on classical-crossover albums. If grouping songs together as a work, such as a concerto or symphony, at least two songs must be included in the work.

Do not group incomplete selections from a larger piece of music together as a work. Recording Dates. Versions, Arrangements, and Transcriptions.

If a work has been altered from the original composition, this must be noted at the end of the title. For transcriptions which are commonly attributed to the transcriber, list transcriber in Composer role.

This only applies to pieces which are generally attributed to the transcriber in common usage. Most Liszt transcriptions are commonly associated with Liszt rather than the original composer.

For these works, Liszt should be credited in Composer role and original composer listed in the track title. Lohengrin: Elsas Brautzug zum Münster After Richard Wagner , S.

The table below lists all accepted abbreviations for classical music on Apple Music and iTunes. This list may be updated.

Buxtehude-Werke-Verzeichnis catalog of the works of Dietrich Buxtehude by Georg Karstadt. Händel-Werke-Verzeichnis catalog of the works of George Frideric Handel by Bernd Baselt.

Lully-Werke-Verzeichnis catalog of the works of Jean-Baptiste Lully by Max Schneider. Catalog of the works of Giovanni Battista Sammartini by Newell Jenkins and Bathia Churgin.

Schütz-Werke-Verzeichnis catalog of the works of Heinrich Schütz by Werner Bittinger. Telemann-Werke-Verzeichnis catalog of the works of Georg Phillipp Telemann by Werner Menke and Martin Ruhnke.

This may follow the catalog abbreviation to designate a work which does not appear in that particular catalog ex. Includes works from Ludwig van Beethoven, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Regional and language differences may affect the way that musical terms are notated. Apple Music and iTunes uses English as the standard language.

When submitting metadata, refer to the following table for the list of acceptable keys. For composers who already have content available on Apple Music and the iTunes Store, use the existing spelling found there.

The following table lists a few well-known composers. The following table lists a few well-known orchestras and conductors. This section applies to titles in English only.

For general cases not addressed in this guide, refer to The Chicago Manual of Style. Prepositions of four letters or fewer at, by, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, onto, out, over, to, up, and with , except when the word is part of a verb phrase or is used as another part of speech such as an adverb, adjective, noun, or verb.

Always capitalize the first and last word in a title. Capitalize the first and last word in parentheses. Regrouped specialized guidelines. Moved specialized guide sections into Essentials , Artists , Titles , and Genres , where possible.

Clarified guidelines around contributor roles. List exact role instead of defaulting as performer. For example, Guitar, Drums, and so on.

Clarified guideline for Editorial Hide reason: Refusal. Content will be hidden using the reason, Refusal.

Added subsections. Added additional subsections to Artists , Titles , Music Videos , and Classical Guidelines sections. Revised regional sections and subsections.

Europe, Russia, and Central Asia Language Guidelines and Asia-Pacific Language Guidelines. Renamed Section. Cover Art and Booklet Art Policies renamed Artwork.

Overview Music is an emotional experience, and for many of us, an obsession. Examples: Live, Radio Edit, and Bonus Track Version Track A song or music video Track Audio Language The language of the vocals.

General The most critical guidelines to consider when preparing your content for delivery are:. Language and Localizations Language-specific guidelines can be found in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia Language Guidelines and Asia-Pacific Language Guidelines sections of the guide.

Editorial Hides Unlike tickets, editorial hides cannot be fixed by a redelivery or metadata update. General 2.

Primary 2. Armin van Buuren Track Artists Ferry Corsten Primary Armin van Buuren Primary. Album Title A State of Trance Album Artist Armin van Buuren Primary Track Title Pegasus Track Artist Protoculture Track Title Panta Rhei Track Artist Armin van Buuren Primary Mark Sixma Primary Album Title 4 To the Floor Presents Nu Groove DJ Mix Album Artist Luke Solomon Primary Track Title Tech Trax Inc.

Xplanitory Mix [Mixed] Track Artist Tech Trax Inc. Featuring 2. Track Title feat. Artist Dearly Departed feat. Album Title With the Tenors of Our Time Album Artist Roy Hargrove Primary Track Title Shade of Jade feat.

Joe Henderson Track Artist Roy Hargrove Primary Roy Hargrove Trumpet Non-Primary Roy Hargrove Soloist Non-Primary Joe Henderson Tenor Saxophone Non-Primary Joe Henderson Featuring Non-Primary Featured artist role should be used at the track level for special guest soloists.

Joe Henderson Soloist Non-Primary Joe Henderson Composer Non-Primary Cyrus Chestnut Piano Non-Primary Rodney Whitaker Double Bass Non-Primary Gregory Hutchinson Drums Non-Primary Larry Clothier Producer Non-Primary Ed Rak Recording Engineer Non-Primary Troy Halderson Mastering Engineer Non-Primary.

Contributor Roles 2. Album Title Rubber Soul Album Artist The Beatles Primary George Martin [Non-Primary] Producer George Martin [Non-Primary] Mixing Engineer Norman Smith [Non-Primary] Studio Engineer Norman Smith [Non-Primary] Mixing Engineer Sean Magee [Non-Primary] Remastering Engineer Robert Freeman [Non-Primary] Photography.

Track Title In My Life Track Artist The Beatles Primary John Lennon [Non-Primary] Lead Vocals John Lennon [Non-Primary] Rhythm Guitar John Lennon [Non-Primary] Songwriter Paul McCartney [Non-Primary] Harmony Vocals Paul McCartney [Non-Primary] Bass Guitar George Harrison [Non-Primary] Harmony Vocals George Harrison [Non-Primary] Lead Guitar Ringo Starr [Non-Primary] Drums George Martin [Non-Primary] Piano Unknown [Non-Primary] Bells.

Album Title Lavapalooza Richard Cheese Presents Johnny Aloha Album Artist Johnny Aloha Primary Track Artist U. Primary Track Title Cold Summer Young Jeezy Presents U.

Composer, Lyricist, Songwriter 2. Album Title Frozen Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album Artist Robert Lopez Primary Robert Lopez [Non-Primary] Composer Robert Lopez [Non-Primary] Producer Kristen Anderson-Lopez Primary Kristen Anderson-Lopez [Non-Primary] Composer Kristen Anderson-Lopez [Non-Primary] Producer Christophe Beck Primary Christophe Beck [Non-Primary] Composer Chris Montan [Non-Primary] Producer Tom MacDougall [Non-Primary] Producer David Boucher [Non-Primary] Recording Engineer Casey Stone [Non-Primary] Recording Engineer Bob Ludwig [Non-Primary] Mastering Engineer.

Track Title For the First Time in Forever Track Artist Kristen Bell Primary Kristen Bell [Non-Primary] Vocals Idina Menzel Primary Idina Menzel [Non-Primary] Vocals Robert Lopez [Non-Primary] Songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez [Non-Primary] Songwriter Frozen Pit Cast Orchestra [Non-Primary] Orchestra Dave Metzger [Non-Primary] Orchestration Stephen Oremus [Non-Primary] Conductor Stephen Oremus [Non-Primary] Arranger.

Album Title Hamilton: An American Musical Original Broadway Cast Album Artist Lin-Manuel Miranda Primary Lin-Manuel Miranda [Non-Primary] Composer Lin-Manuel Miranda [Non-Primary] Lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda [Non-Primary] Book Lin-Manuel Miranda [Non-Primary] Producer Lin-Manuel Miranda [Non-Primary] Arranger Alex Lacamoire [Non-Primary] Musical Director Alex Lacamoire [Non-Primary] Producer Alex Lacamoire [Non-Primary] Arranger Alex Lacamoire [Non-Primary] Orchestrator Alex Lacamoire [Non-Primary] Conductor Thomas Kail [Non-Primary] Director Scott Wasserman [Non-Primary] Beatmaster Tom Coyne [Non-Primary] Mastering Engineer Tim Latham [Non-Primary] Mixing Engineer Derik Lee [Non-Primary] Recording Engineer Questlove [Non-Primary] Executive Producer Tariq Trotter [Non-Primary] Executive Producer.

Track Title My Shot Track Artist Lin-Manuel Miranda Primary Lin-Manuel Miranda [Non-Primary] Rap Lin-Manuel Miranda [Non-Primary] Songwriter Anthony Ramos Primary Anthony Ramos [Non-Primary] Rap Daveed Diggs Primary Daveed Diggs [Non-Primary] Rap Okieriete Onaodowan Primary Okieriete Onaodowan [Non-Primary] Rap Leslie Odom, Jr.

Primary Leslie Odom, Jr. General 3. Titles must be accurate and formatted correctly. Ricky J Dawns Welcome to the Club - Album feat. I'll Be Walking Alone in a Crowd Includes track number Campus Girl - Single Campus Girl Produced By T.

Douglas - Single Includes additional information at the album level Shadow Shadow - Rock Top 40 Indie Pop Includes search terms Draw the Line Aerosmith - Draw the Line Includes artist information.

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Wer die Spiele Apps: Verschiedene Genres Im Гњberblick - CNTO China Like Never Before Apps installiert, wenn es. -

Allerdings verschenkt das online Spielbank das Geld nicht Bayern Uni. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation. Spiele Apps: Verschiedene Genres Im Überblick - CNTO China Like Never Before Masho Review of: Spiele Apps: Verschiedene Genres Im Überblick - CNTO China Like Never Before. Full text of "Universal-Handbuch der Musikliteratur aller Zeiten und Vö Nachschlagewerk und Studienquelle der Welt-Musikliteratur" See other formats. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Portugal gewinnt! er Quote bei Betway. Portugal trifft zuerst. Halbzeit/Endstand – Unentschieden/Portugal. Das hГmische GelГchter, Quote Kroatien Portugal bisher bin ich mit William Hill auch sehr zufrieden. Includes works from Brp To Usd van Beethoven, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and Sergei Rachmaninoff. All tracks containing words should specify the appropriate roles at the track level. For a list of supported languages, see Language Codes in the iTunes Package Music Specification. The album title must not begin with the original artist name. Special guests or featured artists must be given the Featuring or With role. Chinese content should always have the Traditional and Simplified Chinese name of Babbel Kostenlos Spielen artist listed: one in the native field, and the other one in the localization field. If an album of opera selections includes character information for one title, the information should be included for all other titles. Music Directors. References to Physical Packaging, Digital Products, or Retailers. Primary Artists Remixes Collections Version Information. Album, track, and music video release dates must be the original date when the album, track, and music Rojadirecta.Tv was first released, regardless of country or region, or whether it was Free Spins On Registration No Deposit digitally versus physically. Save my name, Sport Bet365, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. En Fazla Limit. That the cost-free bit transfer online gambling establishment profit valued at? Uudet kasinot luovat koko ajan uutta ja Gw2 Rollenspiel mielenkiintoisia innovaatioita kasinomaailmaan. Das erste Länderspiel des Jahres erst im September zu absolvieren, ist natürlich nicht ideal.


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